Octopus’s Garden Seaweed wants more people to eat more seaweed!

We use beautiful organic seaweed from the British Isles, and make it into products which are ready to eat, fantastically tasty and super-healthy. 

I’m Jane - the founder of Octopus’s Garden Seaweed. These days I absolutely love, live and breathe seaweed, but until a few years ago it hadn’t occurred to me that the seaweed I saw growing around our shores could be eaten!  And I never imagined I would end up working with food. I had always worked in the environmental sector, but over the years had become increasingly absorbed in the world of food and in particular, eating for health. 

I first became aware of edible seaweed when my best buddy was volunteering in Japan, helping to restore seaweed farming operations after the tsunami.  We got talking about what an incredible foodstuff it is and how underexploited it is here despite the British coastline being blessed with an abundance of beautiful edible seaweed species.  I started picking it and cooking with it, and I absolutely loved it. It really felt as if I had found my ‘thing’!

I have been harvesting seaweed and cooking with it for about 6 years now - ever since I was pregnant with my first born, who now has an unusual knowledge of seaweed species for one so young, and loves to munch the stuff straight from the sea!

I talk about seaweed A LOT, and my impression is that people are (on the whole) really interested in seaweed and its benefits, and like to eat it in restaurants, but most people still don’t eat it much at home.  But seaweed is so good for us and so delicious that in my mind it should have a place in our diets on a day to day basis.  So the idea behind Octopus’s Garden Seaweed is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for people to eat it.

I have now given up my ‘day job’, but environmental sustainability remains central to my endeavours. I believe that seaweed - which grows abundantly around the British Isles without the need for land, freshwater, fertilisers or pesticides - has the potential to play a small but important role in our diets an increasingly resource-constrained world. 

I am delighted that my Umami Drops and Pickled Seaweed are now for sale and making their way out there onto people's plates! You can keep up-to-date by following Octopus’s Garden Seaweed on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for reading.